The Family Recipe

June 26, 2016

The Family Recipe

Four women, four different personalities, three generations, one family...a lifetime of memories. Pictured here is my mother, my paternal grandmother, my maternal grandmother and I celebrating another special family occasion. I have countless memories of sitting in the kitchen with my brothers and sisters, laughing, talking, playing and listening while my mother and grandmothers created fresh baked sweet treats. Some of my best memories are from summertime baking. The kitchen temperature would be classified as sweltering, the oven was preheating and a small electric fan circulated warm air throughout the room. The small table was covered with farm fresh eggs, freshly churned butter and other baking ingredients and my grandmothers sat mixing another batch of their delicious homemade cookies, cakes and southern style biscuits. Without a recipe to be found, they would carefully pour in a little of this, stir in a little of that and add a pinch of this and the result would be the best tasting treats you could ever imagine.

When I decided I wanted to try my hand at baking some of those delicious treats, I called my grandmothers and my mother and asked them to share the recipes of my favorite treats, but to my surprise, there was no written record of just the perfect amount of ingredients to create the perfect cookie. So after countless hours of watching them create the bakery magic, I finally was able to record the recipes that I grew to love at first bite.

Favorable Treats is my opportunity to re-create some of my best childhood memories of baking the best homemade cookies ever and passing them along to you as you create memories for those who are special to you. 

From our oven to your occasion...let the giving begin!

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