5 Ingredients to Create a Memorable Summer

July 04, 2016

It's the 4th of July holiday weekend and everywhere you look, families and friends are celebrating. Whether it's a drive to the lakefront cabin, a nonstop flight to the annual family reunion or an activity-packed staycation, people are unplugging from the daily rush and plugging into making memories with the important people in their lives. We at Favorable Treats believe that making memories should be easy, fun and leave you wanting to create more. Here are five of our favorite summertime fun, memory making ingredients.

  1. Create Traditions. This can be simple or elaborate, but there is something special about creating an annual activity or visiting a specific location that instantly makes it memorable. I remember during the early years of my childhood, my family would take a road trip in our wood paneled station wagon and visit family in the south. The vehicle would be jam-packed and under normal conditions, there would be plenty of sibling disputes, but the crowded vehicle on the road trip was different. It was every summer, we had the same road trip food and we traveled to the same location. This was one of our family traditions that made the summer holiday a lot of fun.

  2. Just Add Water: July is the month where Mother Nature turns up the heat. You could stay inside and avoid the heat, but where is the fun in that? Take a day to find some water and let the fun begin. Adults and kids alike can be entertained for hours with summer water games like a water balloon toss, a race on the yard-front slip and slide, a game of Marco Polo in the pool, an icy summer beverage by the ocean or an interesting book on the beach. Whatever you decide to do, adding water can make it even more memorable.

  3. Learn Something New: Although school may be out for the summer, learning doesn't have to stop. There are so many historic sites, cool museums, national parks, city tours, cool classes, etc. just waiting to be explored. Grab your friends and family and make it an annual tradition to try a new activity or explore a new location. In addition to experiencing that activity for the first time, there will be special memories that are made from brand new experiences that become priceless.

  4. The Great Outdoors:  In addition to creating a healthy lifestyle, simply being active in the great outdoors can be peaceful and liberating. Go biking, sign up for a 5k-marathon race, take a nice long walk, enjoy the beauty of nature by relaxing on the deck--just get up and go outside. Summertime brings warmer days and longer nights, so do yourself a favor and enjoy it.

  5. Eat: Okay, this ingredient doesn't need a lot of explanation, but eating can be special and memorable. From family reunions, church picnics and neighborhood cookouts to enjoying ice cream sandwiches made with Favorable Treats delicious cookie dough, eating your summertime favorite foods makes life delicious and more enjoyable. Don't let summertime pass without getting out to enjoy quality time and create life long memories with your favorite people.

We want to know what are some of your ingredients for a memorable summer holiday?

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